How to counter violence and aggression in the workplace

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure that all employees are safe and protected from harm in the workplace. This is why fire safety training and health and safety courses are so invaluable to business owners.
In addition to protecting your workers from external risks, you unfortunately also need to protect them from each other. Workplace violence and aggression seems to be on the rise, but it is still your job as an employer to attempt to counter it.
This is where conflict resolution training can help, giving you and your employees the skills to prevent and deal with aggressive or violent behaviour and resolve confrontational situations. After achieving a qualification such as the CIEH Level 2 Award in Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety, your employees will also be able to contribute to a safer working environment and learn how to ensure their own personal safety and that of others.
This kind of health and safety training course also covers topics such as the law and the work environment, and how the former influences behaviour in the latter. It should help to safeguard your employees from harm, as well as helping you to improve the operational effectiveness of the business.