Court told that fire safety breaches at Swansea hotel put lives at risk

A court in Swansea has heard that breaches of fire safety regulations at The Grand Hotel in Swansea city centre could potentially have put the lives of customers and staff at risk if a fire had broken out.

An inspection at the hotel, which is owned by Ivey Place Limited, took place in 2011. During their time at the hotel, fire safety officers discovered a number of worrying problems, including:

  • A fire door leading to the street outside that was screwed shut
  • A lack of lighting guiding people towards fire doors and emergency exits
  • A lack of fire alarms in certain parts of the premises

Also uncovered during the inspection was the fact that hotel management had failed to complete a fire risk assessment, a measure that is always included in fire safety training courses.

After admitting six breaches of fire safety laws, the company that owns the Grand Hotel was fined £1,500 and its director a further £500. Speaking after the fines were handed out, David Phillips from the local fire service said:

“The owners and managers of the Grand Hotel failed to fulfil their duty of care and have been dealt with accordingly. Fire safety regulations exist to protect people from the risk of death and serious injury from fire.”