Are you covered for first aid during the Olympics?

With the Olympics drawing ever closer, the preparations are coming to an end as the U.K. readies itself for millions of visitors. In London, Network Rail and the British Red Cross will be teaming up to provide a team of two hundred and twenty-first aid responders who will offer help and assistance to those passing through London during the games.

These first aiders will have a particularly challenging task on their hands: not only will they be faced with high numbers of travellers, but they will also have to deal with visitors from around the globe who do not necessarily speak English. As part of their kits, they will also be carrying phrasebooks with useful questions translated into over fifty languages.

While other U.K. businesses may not have to go quite to the same lengths, it is important to make sure that first aid requirements can be met during this exceptional period. With many workers being encouraged to work from home to lessen the pressure on transport and others taking leave so they can take advantage of the event, it is essential to make sure that there are enough qualified first aiders available should the worst happen.