CQC chief warns that cuts could mean falling standards in care homes

The recently appointed head of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has warned that government spending cuts could lead to a deterioration in standards in care homes for the elderly.

Dame Jo Williams, who was appointed the new chair of the CQC in October 2010, recently said that financial constraints could directly impact quality standards in care homes. As care home operators look to cut costs and make savings, there is likely to be less money available to spend on training for care staff, repairing and maintaining old buildings, and running activities for care home residents.

Speaking to The Independent of what the CQC intends to do to limit the negative effect of spending cuts, Dame Williams said:

“Money is a challenge,”
“Our focus has to be on essential standards and how we monitor those standards. We will be looking at those services that are risky and are likely to put the public at risk.
“Quality in our terms is making sure a service is safe – but it is also about how you’re treated. It’s about staff remembering your birthday, calling you by the right name and engaging with you as well as maintaining your dignity.”