The dangers of working at height

Working at height presents obvious risks to those who undertake it, making it essential for employers to provide safety measures designed to reduce the risks that workers are exposed to.
Unfortunately for a roofer from Porthleven, his employer had done little to ensure his safety when he asked him to undertake re-roofing works at an industrial building in Penryn. He died after falling through a fragile asbestos cement roof, falling eight metres to the floor below. He was taken to hospital but succumbed to his injuries later the same day.
Health and Safety inspectors found that the director of the building firm who had employed the self-employed man had failed to plan the work properly and had not provided any safety equipment. He was fined a total of five thousand pounds.
In order for such work to go ahead in a safe manner, it is essential that those involved have received the appropriate health and safety training, and that they are aware of the risks and of the safety measures that can minimise any injuries sustained in the event of a fall. Safety nets and crash deck platforms are commonly used to do just this.