Dealing with confrontational behaviour in a care environment

Working in health and social care can be tremendously rewarding, but it can also be a challenging and complex line of work. Care workers need specialist knowledge and training to look after people with specific medical conditions, and they also need to know how to look after themselves.
Unfortunately, cases of violence and aggression still occur within the care sector, despite initiatives set up by the Government to counter it. Often, difficult or dangerous situations are unavoidable, such as in care homes where a patient has a serious mental illness.
In organisations like the NHS and in care homes throughout the UK, employers have a duty of care to make sure that their staff have a safe environment in which to work.
By ensuring that all employees undergo conflict resolution training and personal safety training, employers can help to protect their staff from any physical or psychological harm. These courses teach attendees how to deal with conflict and aggression and resolve difficult situations, whilst doing as much as possible to protect themselves.
This training can also help to reduce the number of incidents that occur in care environments, therefore also reducing the cost these incidents impose on employers.