Delta Air Lines in trouble after needles found in sandwiches

The airline company Delta Air Lines and its suppliers are in very hot water after needles were found in some of the sandwiches it served to passengers.

What appeared to be sewing needles were found in five sandwiches on four Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam to destinations in the US, including flights to Seattle, Atlanta and Minneapolis. One person was injured, and another affected passenger told ABC News:

“When I pulled it out of my mouth it was very clear,”
“I cleaned the food off and it was about a one inch-long straight needle.”


Although the airline has said that it will be working with its supplier, the Amsterdam-based Gate Gourmet, “to ensure the safety and quality of the food” served on its flights, the FBI has also been called in to investigate the incident as all the flights came from the same destination and were heading for the US.

It seems unlikely at this stage that it was a food safety training failure that caused needles to end up in sandwiches that were served to passengers, Delta will undoubtedly be taking steps to tighten up its security and safety procedures when it comes to food preparation.