Derry businesses scoring well for food safety

According to the latest food hygiene ratings, nearly all the food businesses in the Northern Irish city of Derry are performing very well when it comes to food safety.

Derry City Council’s rating scheme found that a total of 97 per cent of all food-serving businesses in the area achieved a rating of three stars or more. Ratings range from five stars, meaning ‘very good’ standards are being upheld, to zero, which means that ‘urgent improvements’ are necessary.

A three-star rating means that food hygiene in a business is satisfactory. However, businesses with three stars are being encouraged to take steps to improve food hygiene training and other measures so that next year, they can attain four or even five stars.

Encouraging customers in Derry to do their research before dining out or using a particular food business, the council’s senior environmental health officer Genevieve McWilliams said:

“The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is a fantastic tool for all consumers in Derry to find out the hygiene standards of the food businesses in the area.
“The stickers make it easy for everyone to check a rating and if it is below three you should consider switching your choice rather than eat somewhere with a low hygiene rating. Our aim is to drive up standards so that all food businesses in the area have a rating of three or above.”