Develop staff skills and learning with extra training

It is a given that all employees who undertake certain tasks are either trained or experienced enough to do it competently and safely. Two key examples of this are people working within the health and social care sector, people who need specialist training to care for vulnerable individuals, and those who have any responsibility for preparing, handling or serving food.
There is also a legal requirement to ensure that people doing certain jobs are given the right health and safety training, in order to protect both the employee and the people working around them.
However, many employers these days are giving their staff extra training on issues not strictly related to their specific role, i.e. fire marshal training, first aid training etc. This training gives them the transferable skills and knowledge that will help them to contribute more to the working environment, making it safer and hopefully more productive.
Training on important issues such as fire safety and first aid can also play a big part in the employee’s own personal development, making them a better trained, more safety-conscious person in all aspects of their lives.