Do your employees know how to work safely in confined spaces?

In the construction industry, there is a greater level of risk facing workers on an everyday basis than in other sectors. There is also a wider range of hazards, such as those associated with working in confined spaces, for example.
Regardless of whether your construction team is currently working on a project or site which requires work in confined spaces, it is vital that you send all of your workers on an appropriate health and safety training course. It is highly likely that this type of work will crop up in the future, and your team need to know how to deal with it safely and responsibly.
On a confined spaces awareness health and safety training course, the following topics will be covered:
• Identifying a confined space
• The risks associated with working in confined spaces (i.e. lack of oxygen, injury through working in cramped conditions)
• Monitoring risks associated with gas in confined spaces
• Safety equipment, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and breathing apparatus
• Safe entry and exit to confined spaces
• Emergency escape plans and arrangements
To ensure that your workforce is ready for any working environment, hazard or type of job, you need to invest in the right training now.