Dragon Bannatyne backs first aid training for hospitality businesses

Duncan Bannatyne, one of the stars of the hit BBC show Dragon’s Den, has urged hospitality businesses to make first aid training a priority.

Entrepreneur and millionaire Bannatyne, who runs a number of businesses in the UK, backed the call for first aid training in hospitality companies after having a frightening experience himself. He was suffering from chest pains when at work in his company’s head office but recovered quickly thanks to the fast actions of his secretary, who had first aid knowledge.

He said of the experience:

“It was a really scary experience. I had collapsed on the floor and was finding it really difficult to breathe.
“The incident made me realise the importance of having good first aid training across your business, so I organised and took part in a training day at our head office.
“I was surprised at the lack of training and knowledge that was in place – we were asked what we would do in certain situations and none of us really knew the right answers.”


On the subject of how better standards of first aid training would be implemented in hospitality businesses, Mr Bannatyne said that responsibility ultimately lies with employers. He said that just by spending a relatively small amount of money on first aid training courses, employers can safeguard the lives and health of their workers.