Dustin Hoffman helps jogger struck by heart-attack

Dustin Hoffman was taking a stroll one morning in Hyde Park when he saw a jogger suddenly collapse, falling forwards onto his face and frothing at the mouth. The emergency services were called and Hoffman waited with the stricken man until they arrived and were able to use a defibrillator.

Emergency services say that Hoffman’s eyewitness information was valuable and helped them during the resuscitation, which took fifteen minutes. The story made me wonder how many of us would know how to react if the same thing was to happen to us?

Most of us spend the majority of our time at work without incident, but heart attacks can strike anywhere and at any time, and the chances of survival diminish with each minute that passes without treatment.

If one of your employees collapsed at work would you be confident in your abilities to administer emergency first aid? Or, are you safe in the knowledge that you have adequate first-aiders to ensure that the risks are reduced?

Dustin Hoffman’s jogger has recovered from his heart attack and so the story has a happy ending. Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected, and if you are not confident your skills and knowledge would save the day, book yourself some first aid training today.