Employee attitudes the biggest challenge to health and safety in care homes

According to new research conducted amongst social care professionals across the country, one of the greatest difficulties faced when attempting to implement health and safety policies within care homes and other care environments is the attitudes of employees.
The National Association for Safety and Health in Care Services (NASHiCS) found in its latest study that more than a fifth of the care professionals they surveyed said that employee attitudes were the biggest challenge they had to overcome. Just 10 per cent named operational and practice as a barrier to improving health and safety in care environments, and only 5 per cent said gave levels of staff health and safety training and skills as a major difficulty.
Commenting on the results of the research was Chris Jackson, the national chairman of NASHiCS, who said:

“This research suggests some interesting but worrying trends. First, that employee attitude problems rate so high in comparison with possibly more obviously ‘fixable’ problems such as operational processes and skills training. This suggests possible weaknesses in both recruitment processes and people management, and a need for further questioning of the efficiency of these systems.”