Engineer loses a finger on production line

A manufacturing firm in West Yorkshire has been successfully prosecuted following an accident on a new press production line.

The production line, which used presses to produce lids for whiskey bottles, was still in the development stage, but despite the fact that it was experiencing frequent teething problems, it was being used for the production of around twenty thousand caps per day for a new client.

On the day in question, an engineer was attempting to resolve a misfeed problem which had caused the machine to trip. The machine was, however, unguarded, and despite the fact that it had tripped out, another worker was able to reset and start the machine while the engineer still had his hand inside.

Adequate health and safety training and procedures should prevent this kind of incident from occurring. The company was criticised for trying to use the production line before it was ready, as well as for failing to protect the safety of their employees despite the fact that these machines are notoriously dangerous.

The manufacturing company was found guilty of a safety breach and fined just under £6,000.