How a failure to act resulted in a ban for restaurant owners

Two former owners of a restaurant in Melton have been issued with a lifetime ban from managing a food business after they failed to act on an improvement notice.

Despite the previous notice, inspectors found several breaches of food hygiene regulations when they conducted a follow-up visit last year. The six breaches included dirty surfaces and floors and one kitchen surface cleaning cloth that was tested was shown to be harbouring the potentially dangerous bacteria E. coli.

Staff had nowhere to wash their hands and so were washing them in a sink filled with dirty pots and pans and then drying them on dirty overalls, while raw meat was found to be stored on top of foods that were ready to cook.

Although the men received relatively small fines of six hundred pounds each, with an additional two hundred pounds in costs, they will no longer be able to manage any type of food business.

Their restaurant has since been taken over and Melton Council is now satisfied with the standards kept in the kitchens.

These kinds of breaches are inexcusable and suggest that the previous owners cared little about food safety or the health of their customers.