Falmouth Beach Hotel fire not thought to be suspicious

A fire devastated a large and popular seafront hotel in Cornwall earlier this week leaving the town of Falmouth with one hundred and twenty fewer rooms for visitors (and a smouldering eyesore) right at the beginning of the tourist season.

It took more than seven hours and a hundred firefighters to bring the fire under control, with the complicated layout of the hotel making the task at hand very difficult. The strong winds also hampered efforts as they fanned the flames and blew water away from the building rather than into it.
Initial inspections seem to suggest that the cause of the fire could be a tar heating barrel on the third floor of the hotel, although this has not yet been confirmed.

As this incident shows, the effects of a large fire can be far-reaching. Not only has this fire destroyed a hotel and the belongings of its residents, but it will also create huge obstacles for the town as a whole. Although the owner of the hotel has yet to confirm what will happen to the jobs of those who worked there, the fire is sure to make a dent in the town’s economy.