February is National Heart Month

The figures are alarming: someone in the UK dies every six minutes as a result of a heart attack; a third of those taken to hospital die before they arrive, and the chance of survival can fall by ten per cent with every minute that passes without treatment.

Various organisations are using National Heart Month to raise awareness of this needless loss of life and to encourage businesses and organisations to put measures into place to deal with heart attacks.

St. Johns Ambulance would like to see more businesses equipped with defibrillators and better first aid training, in an attempt to reduce the number of deaths. Having qualified first-aiders on-site is the responsibility of any employer, although many may not consider the possibility of having the equipment that could save lives.

An Automated External Defibrillator administers electric shocks to a patient and represents their best chances of survival in the absence of hospital treatment. It is advisable to nominate an individual who is trained to use the equipment correctly.

A half-day first aid training course that concentrates on AED provides the knowledge and skills necessary for using the device effectively and confidently. Tutorcare can also advise businesses on the type of equipment to purchase for their organisation.