Fire prevention advice for businesses

All businesses and organisations in the UK are legally obliged to adhere to certain rules and regulations regarding fire safety, as well as general health and safety.

It is incredibly important to protect your staff, your building and its contents and your local community from the devastating effects of fire. This means you need to implement a few essential fire prevention measures.

Fire risk assessment

This is the first and most important fire prevention measure you can take. It involves scouring the property from top to bottom to identify potential fire hazards, as well as assessing who is at the most risk in an emergency and how effective existing fire prevention measures are.

Fire training and the “responsible” person

Every workplace or building should have a “responsible” person, someone who is in charge of fire safety and knows exactly what to do in an emergency. This person is also responsible for undertaking the fire risk assessment (see above).

It makes sense then that the responsible person should be someone who is fully trained in fire safety and prevention. This is why many companies choose to send their designated fire marshal on a fire training course, the level of which will be determined by previous training and the level of hazard at your particular workplace.

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