Fire safety advice for landlords

Anyone who owns and leases property has a responsibility to adhere to fire safety regulations and protect their tenants from the outbreak of fire. As a landlord, you should know your responsibilities with regards to fire safety. If you don’t, then the following advice is extremely important and relevant to you.

Fire risk assessments

Landlords are responsible for making sure that a full and thorough assessment of all fire risks and hazards is carried out on their property. Based on the findings of this assessment, landlords will then be able to take steps to reduce fire risk and install all the appropriate fire prevention measures.

Fire alarms and smoke detectors

It is imperative that you fit fully functional fire alarms or smoke detectors in as many rooms as possible in each of your lease properties. It is up to the tenants to change the batteries, but landlords are also responsible for fire alarm maintenance.

Landlords are also responsible for:

  • Providing fire extinguishers
  • Fitting fire safety signage
  • Removing or fixing potentially dangerous appliances
  • Fitting fire doors in leased properties

It can be a little overwhelming trying to take in all of this information about your fire safety responsibilities. To make things clearer and easier, it may be a good idea to go on a fire safety training course. Your tenants will thank you.