Fire safety awareness: an essential part of care training

Fire safety training is essential in every workplace, particularly if you hold a position in which you are responsible for the safety of another person. This is why fire safety and awareness training is so crucial for those working within the care sector.

Fire safety awareness training for the care sector differs to fire training for other industries in that it is more specialised. As a care worker, you have responsibility for people who may have more difficulty reacting in an emergency situation or escaping from a fire. You will need to know exactly what to do in this kind of emergency.

What will I learn?

This kind of training course is designed to give you an overview of all the elements relating to the outbreak and prevention of fire, as well as what action to take if you discover a fire. It covers areas such as:

  • How fire starts and the main causes of fire
  • The spread of fire
  • What safety features are (or should be) included in buildings
  • Fire prevention and fire extinguishers
  • What to do in case of a fire

This type, of course, is only a brief introduction to fire safety, taking around half a day to complete. You should look into taking longer, more advanced fire training courses for more in-depth knowledge of fire safety in the care sector.