Fire safety training and its importance in care environments

Fire safety training is an essential for any business, organisation or premises which admits members of the public. It ensures all necessary precautions are taken against fire and teaches all staff members what to do in an emergency. In short, it can save lives and protect property.
Health and social care environments are generally staffed by people who have undergone extensive care training on how to look after vulnerable, ill and elderly people and how to meet their needs. One element of training which must not be forgotten in these environments, however, is fire safety training.
The people who reside in care homes and medical facilities are likely to be extremely vulnerable, either because of age, illness of disability. Some may have limited mobility, which can make it very difficult for them to escape a building should a fire break out.
This is why fire safety training for care workers needs to be specifically tailored to the needs and limitations of the people in health and social care environments. A fire risk assessment needs to be carried out on the premises, with particular attention paid to the ‘who is at risk?’ section of assessment.