First aid app backed by the Red Cross

A new app for smartphones that aims to give parents the basic first aid training they need to potentially save their children’s lives has been backed by the British Red Cross.

The software called the Baby and Child First Aid app has only recently been launched. It was released just as research carried out by the Red Cross showed that only 13 per cent of UK parents have undergone first aid training which could help them save their children’s lives.

Whilst encouraging parents to actually undertake first aid training, by going on a paediatric first aid training course especially aimed at the treatment of babies and young children, the British Red Cross thinks the new app could be really helpful. The organisation’s head of first aid education Joe Mulligan said:

“There’s a real appetite for this kind of product.
“I think most people appreciate the value of having such potentially life-saving knowledge at their fingertips.”


As well as providing parents with useful tips, videos, animations and guides, the app also has a ‘hospital finder’ feature and an area where children’s medication needs and information relating to family health can be recorded.