First Aid Apps

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool for many people in recent times and the ever-increasing range of applications now includes a number of first aid apps. Some have been created by organisations such as St. Johns Ambulance and The Red Cross, and they can offer valuable information in a handy format.

Such apps can provide advice for those faced with an emergency, and could make all the difference in the case of sudden illness or accident. According to St. Johns Ambulance, nearly one hundred and fifty thousand people could be saved each year if emergency first aid was administered while waiting for the emergency services.

It should be noted, however, that these apps cannot replace first aid manuals or first aid training. The information provided can in no way match the experience of learning both the theory and practical skills acquired during training sessions.

Practice and confidence can make all the difference when reacting to an illness such as heart failure, and it is common knowledge that a person’s chances of survival diminish with each minute that passes following a heart attack.

It is essential to ensure that, as an employer, you ensure that you provide sufficient first aid cover in the workplace at all times.