First aid is a cornerstone of responsible workplaces

It’s absolutely essential that a member of staff in the office has some form of formal training in first aid. Designated first aiders have an important role in offices regardless of the size of the workforce they are part of. This is because they manage all aspects of first aid within the office environment – they are the go-to person when incidents need reporting and when first aid needs to be administered.

Being a first aider represents a measure of responsibility that looks excellent on a CV. It demonstrates that the member of staff in question has taken and passed the first aid training courses relevant to their position and shows their capacity to learn and to take responsibility for something that has become a workplace essential.

Of course, trained first aiders also bring something to the workplace in the form of special first aid knowledge and a clear idea of what to do in any given first aid situation. They are as essential a part of good practice in the office as a clear and comprehensive fire safety procedure and a written health and safety policy.