First aid trained passers-by came to the aid of Birmingham stab victims

In a shocking incident which took place in Birmingham earlier this month, two men were stabbed in the city centre and died of their wounds at the scene.

However, it now comes to light that some members of the public who witnessed the incident, which took place at around 6 pm on Friday 11th January, tried their very best to save the lives of the men using first aid training. There were many witnesses to the incident due to the time of day, and some passers-by were quick to come to the aid of the victims.

According to the emergency services, when doctors and ambulance crews arrived at the scene of the double stabbing, they found “excellent first aid being given by police and passers-by” to the two men.

The victims of the stabbing were both Big Issue sellers who were in their thirties, and the first aid performed on them may have been enough to save them if their injuries hadn’t been so serious.

First aid training is recommended for all adults, as well as children. Even a basic course can teach you how to perform CPR, treat a serious wound and keep an injured or ill person calm, and it could save lives.