First aid training put to good use in Yorkshire as woman saves little girl

A woman from North Yorkshire who had recently completed a first aid training course found herself having to use her new skills to save a little girl who had a horse riding accident.

The Northern Echo reported that Wendy Scott, 49, was at Richmond Equestrian Centre in North Yorkshire when the accident happened. A ten-year-old rider, Katie Benbow was nearly crushed by her pony when it tripped and fell on top of her.

Wendy, who had completed her first aid training course just ten days earlier, described what happened:

“As Katie was laying there, a group of people ran over to her, but I could see she was unconscious.
There were lots of parents around her and she was getting moved, so I asked if they could step back.
You have to detach yourself from the situation as much as possible. I am so pleased that I did the course and could help.”

After receiving Wendy’s help and the assistance of an off-duty paramedic who was riding at the Richmond Equestrian Centre at the time, Katie was airlifted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a serious head injury. However, she has now been given the all-clear.