How first aid training could save lives at your office Christmas party

You might not think that anything worse could happen at your Christmas party than embarrassing yourself with bad dancing in front of your boss, but this isn’t strictly true.
A medical emergency can happen at any time, so it could potentially happen while you and your colleagues are celebrating the festive occasion. Someone could fall ill or fall over and injure themselves at your office Christmas party, or have an allergic reaction to some of the food and go into anaphylactic shock. Someone could faint or fall unconscious, have an epileptic seizure or even have a heart attack.
These aren’t cheering things to think about ahead of your office party this year, but these kinds of situations can and do happen. If those present at the party have taken some form of first aid training, they will be better equipped to help anyone who suffers such a medical emergency, and they could even save lives. Without trained first aiders, this Christmas could be a very tragic one indeed.
With this in mind, employers should make first aid training a top priority when planning this year’s Christmas party.