First aid training: vital preparation for medical emergencies

Going on a first aid training course can give you important skills and knowledge that could help you save lives, in a wide number of different situations.

Many people go on the first aid at work training courses, sent by employers who are legally required to have qualified first aiders. These courses teach participants how to deal with a range of workplace medical emergencies – from bleeding, shock and unconsciousness to injuries and allergic reactions – and these skills can also be applied to situations outside of work. First aiders can prove themselves useful whilst out shopping, on holiday or even just waiting for a bus, should they encounter someone in need of emergency medical help.

There are some lines of work, however, in which first aid knowledge is more than just desirable. If you work with children (i.e. in a nursery, school or childcare facility) or within the health and social care sector, first aid training is a must. People working with children usually undergo paediatric first aid training, as well as anaphylaxis first aid training for situations in which someone has a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Just as important as initial first aid training is refresher training, undertaken at least once a year. This keeps your skills and knowledge sharp, so you never forget what you’ve learned.