Five Oxford care homes fail to meet standards

Following a recent round of inspections, a total of five care homes in Oxford have been found to be failing to provide the right standards of care to their patients.
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) published a number of reports into care homes in the area last month, revealing that five were not up to scratch. The homes found to be performing poorly were Jack Howarth House, Wantage Nursing Home, Home Choice Care and Real Life Options, as well as one other care home that hasn’t been named.
Amongst the problems uncovered at the underperforming facilities were staff shortages, illegible patient forms, low standards of care training and a general lack of care. Medication was also not being administered properly at a couple of the homes, and staff were failing to knock before entering patients’ bedrooms. Additionally, call bells were not being answered and staff were moving people in wheelchairs without speaking to or interacting with them.
Jacquie Pearce-Gervis, who works at the Oxford health watchdog Patient Voice, commented on the failed inspections, saying:

“These are very alarming results. We put our loved ones into these care homes and we expect them to be looked after to a high standard.”