Five star food rating for tea brewery

A tea brewery in Alnwick has been rewarded for its emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness by being awarded the maximum score of five stars in a national food hygiene rating scheme.

The business was assessed on various aspects:

  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Structure and cleaning
  • Confidence in management

The outstanding score demonstrates an excellent level of compliance with food safety legislation and regulations.

The Maître T at Bari Tea has stated that hygiene and food safety has always been a priority for the business, as they place great importance on customer service and the quality of the produce they serve.

She has said that food safety had been a consideration right from the start when the food preparation premises were being planned and designed, and equipment was being chosen. Indeed, this business had even set itself the goal of achieving a minimum of four stars in the Scores on the Doors Scheme.

The owner of Bari Tea ensured compliance and high standards by getting advice about how to create a hygienic environment, and it has paid off. Food safety training can also help equip members of staff with the skills needed to implement food safety management procedures to ensure continued high standards.