Flintoff comes to rescue of unconscious cyclist

Freddie Flintoff is currently on a charity bike ride that started at the site of the Olympics in ancient Greece and will finish at the Olympic Stadium in London. Unfortunately, the start of the bike ride was overshadowed by illness when fellow cyclist and Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton lost consciousness and fell from his bike.

Thankfully for David, Flintoff had received first aid training and knew exactly how to react. He administered emergency first aid and moved Mr Yarnton into the recovery position while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

Quick thinking is essential in situations like this one, and training allows people to react efficiently and confidently when faced with an unexpected illness or an accident. In this case, David Yarnton was taken to hospital and then flown home once he had received treatment for a heart problem.

Would you know what to do if you found someone unconscious and lying on the ground? If the very idea of being confronted with such a situation makes you panic, then maybe you should consider first aid training for yourself.