Food hygiene basics – what to do with food waste

When you attend a food hygiene training course, you will learn about how to safely prepare, cook and store food, as well as about the importance of hand-washing and all the relevant legislation that a food business must adhere to. However, just as important in any food safety awareness training course is the subject of food waste and what to do with it.
Food hygiene regulations state that food waste must be removed from rooms where food is being prepared or served as soon as possible. This is to stop it from building up, which could contaminate food preparation environments, making them very unhygienic and potentially dangerous.
Bins for food waste must be fully closable and in good working order, and they must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Food businesses must keep food waste disposal bins and other facilities in a suitable place, as well as ensuring that these areas are kept clean and free of pests and animals. In terms of the actual disposal of food waste, the laws state that it must be done in a hygienic and environmentally friendly way, and one that meets with local authority regulations.