Food hygiene criticism for BA Heathrow lounge

British Airways’ standards of food hygiene in their first-class Heathrow lounge have been criticised in an inspection report. BaxterStorey, who provide the catering for the airport, have been given less than favourable reviews in the past and were given a ‘poor’ rating for their lounge as well as the Concorde Room in terminal five.

The report was put together by Hillingdon Council who used the phrase ‘major non-compliance with statutory obligations’ when highlighting the aforementioned Concorde Room. The luxury surroundings were given a score of just two out of five and boiled eggs found were said to be past the use-by date.

Additionally, one kitchen employee was seen working in the area having prepared raw salmon without washing his hands or removing his gloves. Scrambled eggs and sausages were reportedly being stored 13° lower than they were supposed to be. There were also sandwiches that were not chilled and an unclean food chiller and ice machine.

The report stated: “These types of food are likely to support the growth of food poisoning bacteria or the formation of toxins.”

Heathrow can however boast high ratings for other airlines’ lounges on its premises such as the Upper Class Clubhouse from Virgin Atlantic.