Food law inspections

If your business makes or prepares food, you will be subject to inspections by The Food Standards Agency. Inspectors will check that any food your business serves is safe to eat as well as checking that any descriptions of food are not misleading.
Feedback is provided by inspectors regarding their findings and if any actions are to be taken, details will be provided in writing. Businesses will be given time to respond to advice and to implement any changes, unless the inspectors deem the situation to be an immediate threat to public health.
In the case of serious breaches of food safety, inspectors can recommend prosecution, which can result in a ban from using certain equipment, premises or processes. Successful prosecution could also ban a business from serving food or lead to a fine or imprisonment.
Protecting public health is essential in any industry providing food to the public, and food safety training is essential if a business is to comply with the regulations in place. The level of skills or knowledge required depends on the role and responsibilities specific to different jobs, and it is important to ensure that any employees have received the training appropriate for their role.