Food poisoning affects guests at Abu Dhabi wedding

A suspected case of food poisoning has been reported in Al Marfaa in Abu Dhabi following a wedding reception when 37 guests were admitted to the hospital.
The incident, which occurred earlier this month, was described by a wedding guest and 22-year-old student Huda Al Hossani:

“A friend of mine attended the event, and started feeling a pain in her stomach as soon as she returned home. So she went to the hospital, where she encountered many other guests with the same complaint,”


Staff at the Marfa hospital, where the 37 affected wedding guests were taken for treatment, confirmed that most weren’t seriously affected. However, 5 of them had to be hospitalised overnight.

The food that was served at the wedding was supplied by a Bani Yas restaurant and is suspected to be the cause of the food poisoning outbreak.

If it is proven that the food poisoning originated from the restaurant, its managers may need to implement more rigorous food hygiene training and policies. They could even face prosecution from the food safety authorities or at least a civil lawsuit from the newly wedded couple and the guests who fell ill.