Food poisoning can make itself felt long after infection

Eight months after contracting campylobacter from her hotel restaurant in Spain, one woman is still feeling the effects of her bout of food poisoning. She was on an all-inclusive luxury holiday in Spain, a popular type of holiday with us Brits, when she fell ill shortly after eating a chicken kebab and salad.

When she began to experience cramps, sickness and diarrhoea, the woman took to her bed and was unable to leave her room for days. When a doctor was called, he had her taken to hospital, where she stayed for a further two days.

As well as ruining her holiday, this bout of food poisoning has had long-term effects on her quality of life, and she is now unable to eat spicy foods or consume any dairy products. Looking back, the woman has called the hygiene standards of the hotel into question, claiming that freshly prepared food was simply added to the remains of older food on the buffet. She also recalls seeing one woman change her child’s nappy in the restaurant before going to help herself from the buffet without washing her hands.