Food safety advice for flooded areas

According to the first comprehensive climate change risk assessment for the UK, undertaken by the environment department, the biggest environmental threat our country will face in the coming years is that of flooding.
It is thought that by the middle of this century, up to 3.6 million people could be put at risk by flooding and that the damage caused could be costing the nation as much as £10 billion by 2080.
Flooding, of course, also creates problems for public health, and the Food Standards Agency has published advice for food preparation in the event of floods.
While contaminants in flood water may be diluted, they can still be present, and may include bacteria, waste products or chemicals that could prove harmful to human health. It is essential that extra precautions are taken in terms of food hygiene.
For businesses that prepare, sell or serve food, food safety training can help employees understand the risks involved and how to implement hygienic working practices. In the event of a flood, the local council’s environmental health service can also offer advice on how to safely deal with these circumstances.