Food safety breaches at Scotland’s National Stadium

Hampden Park Stadium will play host to London Olympics football matches this summer and yet the results of Glasgow Council’s food safety inspection last year revealed some worrying breaches of food hygiene.
The hospitality suites are usually used for corporate clients and for concerts, with some hospitality packages costing well over two thousand pounds.
When inspectors visited last year, however, they found a range of breaches that could have resulted in an outbreak of food poisoning:
• Work surfaces were found to be in a condition unsuitable for food preparation; a lack of maintenance had resulted in crumbling and dirty surfaces.
• Members of staff were so poorly trained they did not know they had to wash their hands, and not even the head chef had received any food safety training.
• Both raw and ready-to-eat foodstuffs were stored in the same vacuum packing machine, displaying an astonishing lack of knowledge of food safety principles.
• Bins were left uncovered, while shoes and trainers were left lying around in the kitchen. Inspectors also found food that was out of date.
While standards at the stadium have now improved, it just goes to show that even large and well-established food outlets can fall seriously short of even the most basic safety standards.