Food safety and first aid advice for new ventures

Setting up a new company in the service industry is a great idea if you have a working business plan and you feel you are able to exploit a gap in the market. However, if you are planning to serve food and drink and you are hoping to serve the public then you need to be absolutely sure that you take care of all the various areas of responsibility that will fall to you.

The members of staff that work in your kitchens need to have the right food safety training. This is something you can put them through yourself if you are keen to attract untrained people for brand new positions and then give them the chance to develop. Otherwise, you need them to show that they have the right qualifications in this capacity.

It’s also really important to make sure that you have a number of members of staff trained in first aid. Remember that your responsibility when you work in the service industry is not just to look after the people who work on your premises – you also have to look after the people who use your services – members of the public who may need more than just good service should an emergency or an incident take place.