Food Safety Training: An Overview (Pt.1)

Tutorcare offers several levels of food safety training courses, making it easy to adapt the level of training to the needs of a business and its employees. Below is an overview of the courses, explaining who they are aimed at and what they cover:

CIEH Level 1 in Food Safety

This is an introduction to food hygiene training for the catering, manufacturing and retail industries. It is aimed at employees who may have no previous experience of working with food, and who have fairly limited contact with food in the context of their job. It covers food safety, personal hygiene, cleaning and contamination.

CIEH Level 2 in Food Safety

Level 2 offers a more in-depth look at the food safety and hygiene needs of the catering, manufacturing and retail sectors. As well as making candidates aware of the legislation currently in place, the course also deals with food safety and hygiene hazards. Companies often fall foul of inspectors when they fail to comply with the regulations covering food storage, preparation and cooking, or if the cleaning and maintenance of equipment and premises are not up to scratch. This course will help to ensure that your business does not fall into this trap.