Food safety training: how it can help you to get ahead

In most industries, two things are true: you can never do too much training, and the right training can really help you to get ahead. This also applies to careers in the food and catering industry, where the proper qualifications are everything.

Whilst entry level jobs in the food industry do not generally require many qualifications, you will often find that employees that are higher up in the company they work for are in possession of a raft of food hygiene and food safety certificates.

If you work within the food industry and are looking to take that extra step up the career ladder, it can really make sense to embark on a training course. The principal qualifications that employers are looking for in order to meet strict health and safety regulations within the industry  are food safety certificates.

There are four different levels of food safety training you can choose from, depending of course on which level you are currently at and how you want to progress in your career. These courses generally range in length from half-day sessions to five-day programmes, all containing a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on training. You can find list of topics covered on course at

It is important to remember that the course you undertake should be approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) before it can be considered valid.