Food Safety Week 2012

This year, food safety week will run from 11th to 17th June. While it is aimed at improving awareness and food safety in the home, it can also act as a reminder to businesses that prepare, sell or serve food to the public.

As the country comes to terms with a new age of austerity, the campaign this year is being run in conjunction with the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign. This theme is designed to raise awareness of how to maintain food safety standards while reducing waste and cost.

Although the campaign is aimed at the general public, the ideas being addressed are just as relevant to businesses and many aspects are covered by food safety training courses aimed at employees:

  • Understanding use by and best before dates on packaging.
  • Understanding how to minimise food waste safely: freezing foods both cooked and uncooked.
  • Planning ahead to minimise food waste.

These are all important principles, wherever food is prepared. If your business prepares or sells food, why take this opportunity to raise awareness amongst your own customers and encourage them to consume and use your products safely?