Forgotten all your first aid training? It’s time for a refresher course

If you have undertaken First Aid at Work training or Emergency First Aid training, you will now be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to react properly in an emergency and potentially save lives.

Over time, however, you may find yourself forgetting what you learned in your first aid training course. After all, first aid incidents don’t (or shouldn’t) happen every day, so there isn’t a chance to keep the knowledge fresh in your mind.

This is why many first aid training companies offer refresher courses, which are specially designed to refresh your memory and keep you updated without covering absolutely everything you learned in your initial course. These courses are quick to complete, as they speed through all of the topics you need to know about, but it is surprising how useful they can be at refreshing your memory.

It is recommended to go on a refresher course at least once a year, but you can go whenever you want. From your employer’s perspective, it is a requirement for first aid trained staff to go on a refresher First Aid at Work course once a year before re-taking the full training after three years.