Former fire station in Norwich fails fire safety inspection

A building in Norwich which was formerly the town’s main fire station has failed a fire safety inspection, thereby delaying a move by new tenants.

The tenants were due to move into the Bethel Street building a week or so ago, leasing the building on a temporary basis to prevent vandalism and squatting.

However, an inspection carried out by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service has prevented new tenants from moving in, as officers found that the building is not safe enough. The Grade II listed building was formerly the main fire station for Norwich city centre before firefighters moved to a new purpose-built building on the outskirts of the city last month.

Another inspection will be carried out, but it may be the case that someone with expert fire safety training will need to come in to get the building up to standard. It is not known what the main problem is, whether it is a lack of fire detection or firefighting equipment, obstructed fire doors, or issues with the structural integrity of the building.

A full fire risk assessment will need to be carried out, and its findings acted upon before the premises can be leased or sold.