Former health spa boss sentenced for breaching fire safety laws

The former owner of a London health spa has been found guilty of breaching fire safety laws, which were discovered following a huge fire at his business in July 2010.

Ron Kemeny, the owner of a company called Winsmill Limited which owns the Common Sense Natural Health Centre on Clapham Common, was given a four-month suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to a total of seven fire safety breaches.

The fire that broke out at the spa, causing twelve people to be rescued by fire crews and six people having to be treated in the local hospital, was caused by an electrical fault in a tanning booth.

Local fire crews investigated the business thoroughly in the aftermath of the fire and found that the business owner had failed to fit suitable fire detectors in the spa building. There were also no self-closing fire doors leading to escape routes, nor was a fire safety risk assessment carried out on the business. The risk assessment is an essential legal requirement for all businesses, and it is usually covered as part of fire safety training courses.

Following the successful prosecution of Ron Kemeny and his business, London Fire Brigade’s assistant fire safety commissioner Steve Turek said:

“The sentence handed down today sends out a clear message that we will not hesitate to prosecute if we believe that building owners are ignoring their responsibilities under fire safety laws. It also shows that they will face serious penalties if they put lives at risk.”