The four Cs of good food hygiene

When you start a food business, one of the first and most important things to do is to ensure that you and your staff members undergo as much food safety training as possible. Only with the proper training can you operate your business safely and within the letter of the law.

However, there certain rules in relation to good food hygiene that everyone can remember, whether or not they have gone on a full food hygiene training course. For example, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has come up with the four Cs of food hygiene for businesses. These are:

  1. Cross-contamination. This is when bacteria is spread between surfaces, equipment and food products, potentially causing food poisoning. It can be prevented by keeping raw and cooked foods separate and by rigorous hand washing, along with other measures.
  2. Cleaning. Only with effective and thorough cleaning can you be sure that all bacteria will be eliminated from hands, surfaces, equipment and utensils. Hand washing is crucial, as is cleaning and cleaning as you go when preparing food.
  3. Chilling. This is another way to stop the growth of harmful bacteria, so you must check that all food is kept at its proper and recommended temperature.
  4. Cooking. By cooking food properly, you kill harmful bacteria. You must make sure that certain foods, such as poultry for example, are cooked and hot all the way through.

Learning more about the four Cs of food hygiene can help you to prevent the most common food safety issues occurring within your business.