FSA’s Play It Safe Campaign launched

Preparations for London’s 2012 Olympic Games continue, with the launch of the Food Standards Agency’s Play It Safe Campaign.

As part of the campaign, the FSA has created an elite team of food inspectors, made up of the best ten in the country. These inspectors have been given a very specific mission: to raise awareness of food safety, both among businesses and consumers.

This may seem like a mammoth task, but the inspectors will be based in host cities across the UK and will increase the number of inspections in outlets that prepare, serve or sell food.

It would seem that preventing the outbreak of food poisoning during the games is high on the list of priorities for the organisers. The Olympics are expected to attract a huge number of visitors to the UK this summer, and problems with food hygiene could prove detrimental to the country’s image and reputation.

Dealing with a serious food poisoning outbreak would also put the UK’s health care resources under immense strain, and would have the potential to cause pandemonium.

If you are taking on extra staff this summer to cope with the increased demand, make sure that your employees are up to the task and understand the risks of food poisoning by ensuring they receive the right food safety training.