The Future Food Risks Conference 2012

The Food Standards Agency recently organised The Future Food Risks Conference in London, bringing together a group of food experts from various organisations in an attempt to identify likely future risks to our food chain.

As the previous article showed, one of the consequences of increased austerity in our society is the rise in stolen livestock and the resultant increase in black market food sales. These untraceable food products are likely to have been produced with little regard for food safety regulations.

Another potential risk is again the result of our difficult financial times. One worry is that companies producing food may begin to try and cut corners in order to maximise profits. This could involve trying to get around certain regulations, adding prohibited ingredients to foods or unacceptable levels of some ingredients.

It is essential that those who run businesses which prepare, serve or sell food remain vigilant during these straitened times. It is important that standards are not compromised in an attempt to increase profits, and that employees responsible for sourcing foodstuffs receive adequate food safety training and are aware of the risks involved.