General fire safety advice for businesses pt.1

Fire safety rules and regulations for businesses are there for a reason to save lives and protect property.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure that your work premises meet all the required standards. As an employee, you can help contribute to a safer working environment by undergoing fire safety awareness training and taking on responsibility as a fire marshal in your workplace.

Fire safety: the essentials

Fire risk assessment. This is a process you must complete before you can make any changes to improve fire safety in your workplace. It helps you to identify risks so that you can reduce them and implement fire protection measures appropriately. If you don’t feel confident conducting this procedure yourself, you can hire a professional fire risk assessment consultant to do it for you.

Early warning of fire. It is essential that you not only fit fire alarms and smoke detectors but also test them and change the batteries regularly.

Fire drills. You need to prepare thoroughly for an emergency situation, ensuring that everyone knows where to go when the fire alarms sound, how to escape the building and where to meet once outside.