General fire safety advice for businesses pt.2

In order to keep your employees safe and protect your business, your company needs to comply with fire safety regulations. We’ve already looked at measures such as the fire risk assessment, fire alarms and fire drills, but this isn’t all.

The following are a few more basic fire safety tips for businesses:

  • The responsible person. Whilst everyone in the building should have undergone basic fire safety awareness training, you need to designate a responsible person to act as fire marshal. This person will take the lead on identifying risks and implementing fire protection measures.
  • Firefighting equipment. You should always evacuate the building immediately if a fire is spotted, but you still need to have firefighting equipment accessible just in case. Fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and other devices should also be properly maintained and labelled with the correct signage.
  • Arson in the workplace. There isn’t much you can do to stop an arsonist attacking your building, but you can try to prevent it by properly securing the building (especially at night). You can also keep flammable materials well hidden and secured and keep an eye on fire-related incidents in the neighbourhood.